Monday, 10 November 2008

Shake me up Judy ...

Friday morning, I was rushing to get to my handy-woman job and I slipped and fell down four stairs. My boots are a bit worn so I believe this is the reason. I was a bit shaken up.

I travel on the train to this job and I am deeply engrossed in a book, after a few stations I look up and the man in the booth across from me has an enormous hole in his jeans and everything (and I mean everything) is hanging out. I ponder on whether this is accidental and come to the conclusion, as he obviously is not wearing any underpants, that it is not. I was very shaken up.

I arrive at my place of work, my job for the day is to paint the loft hatch. I collect the wooden steps from the garden, I climb up them and three steps give way they are rotten right through. I was even more shaken up and had a bit of a painful knee.

Saturday, I spent the day helping a friend to move house. In the evening we went out on the town. On the way TO the pub, (having bought a new pair of boots in a charity shop for 3 quid) I slipped on some fallen leaves and fell a--e over t-t in the street. (exceptionally shaken up) and hurt the other knee.

Went to the pub, there was an Irish band playing, being a little the worse for a few drinks, I was attempting to do a, Michael thingy person of the flying mane and hands behind your back, type of dance. Lost my balance and fell into the speakers!!!!

Really, really shaken up and extremely embarrassed.

Sunday - spent most of the day in bed recovering.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I took this last week. It is of Tyne Cot Cemetery in Ypres, just before sun set, the autumn sun set the landscape aglow with gold, it was very moving ...