Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I visited the little village of Rottingdean just outside Brighton. A 'picturesque' village and home to the house and gardens of Rudyard Kipling. I wandered around the gardens which were very pretty and peaceful and then I visited the Church of 'St Margarets' Where most of the windows were designed by Burne Jones (Kipling's uncle) and created by William Morris (Burne Jones's Friend)

Burne Jones lived in a cottage opposite the church and as I walked through the quaint village lanes I was touched by an attractive melancholy that stayed with me for the rest of the evening. History is fascinating but can throw up strange and totally human emotions born from a sense of connection and yet distance from those who went before. If that makes any sense?

A Sunday lunch in the pub 'The Plough' and the witty companionship of my old English Tutor, made for a leisurely and mellow Sunday.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


The lovely thing about living where I live is that the river is tidal. The lady that I clean for has a garden that backs onto the river. Since I have been working for her I have seen a cormorant flexing its wings on the mud flat at the end of her garden, last week there was an Egret fishing and shoals and shoals of grey mullet. A few weeks ago it was a grey heron and this morning two kittiwakes sitting on her garden wall. It certainly makes cleaning windows a more pleasurable experience.

Apart from that I am bored bored bored!!! I need to be challenged, I need my brain to explode with ideas. I am so tired of my own company and yearn for the old University days. When not doing my voluntary work, or cleaning houses I am watching day time TV for goodness sake! The high point of my day is '60 minute makeover' or 'Britain's best dish.' Right now I am waiting for 'The Archers' on channel 4 and then 'Front Row.' There is a folk evening tonight at a local pub. I haven't got the courage or the confidence to take a look even though I used to sing in Folk Clubs.

I am lonely, I would like to have somebody to cook for, somebody to be there to talk to of an evening. Ho hum, bad day at black rock. I wonder, anyone out there feel like this? Would be nice to feel that others acknowledge that being on your own, although at times extremely comfortable, is pretty ---t a lot of the time.

Right, lamb cutlets, broccoli, cabbage, new pots and mint gravy just for me. Woo Hoo!!!