Monday, 4 January 2010

The intelligence of birds ...

This morning I was up with the lark (well nearly). Why? Because I had to move my car. There had been a hard frost overnight, the pavements were all spangled and it took me a good ten minutes to clear my windscreen.

I returned to my little flat, out of breath because of the cold air. It felt warm and cosy and I made myself the first cup of tea of the day and sadly smoked my first cigarette.

Most mornings, after breakfast I throw the left over crusts and crumbs out onto the flat roof below my window for the gulls and crows.

This morning, I guess they must have seen my light on, as I was enjoying the above cup of tea and cigarette, there was a loud tapping on my window.

Oy, you in there, tap tap, we're hungry ...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ring out the old...

Well it has been a while, not sure why. Christmas I suppose and all the leading up to it. Well it is over and not to sound too humbug I'm glad.

Last year had its moments of great sadness for my loved ones and I am pleased it is over.

One momentous thing that happened just before it ended was that I sold a painting. It was my first original sold to the general public and (even better) it was for reasonable money. It was an exciting and delightful moment. A real acknowledgement that others like my work. I'm pretty chuffed actually.

There is a lovely cafe, just around the corner from my flat, which has kindly allowed me to hang two of my paintings on the wall. They have been hanging there, among many others painted by local artists, for the last three months or so. It was of 'Sunflowers in a Terracotta Pot.' I therefore have done better than Vincent, even though there is no comparison, in selling at least one of my paintings before I die.

Just think how things come about. If I had not gone into 'The Refuge' I would never have realised I could paint. Thank you dear Alison!

The New Year will hopefully bring more of the same as the money is pretty useful. I intend to join an art class to learn how to be more free and experimental and to learn new techniques. I am self taught and my work is pretty naive.

A sad note is that I heard today that the above mentioned cafe is to close. She just couldn't make it pay. It is moving to Hove, so I hope to pop along there sometime in the future. If you are ever out that way, take a look. It is called 'The Artisan', the food is good and the staff are really friendly and the arty ambiance is really lovely. I do hope it works out for her.

I do hope the New Year brings better things for my loved ones and, selfishly, for little ol me too.

To those who are reading this my best wishes go to you too.

Happy New Year! xx