Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Escape to the country ...

I have recently had the pleasure of visiting my sister down in Dorset. It was a lovely yet emotional visit. My poor niece, who is suffering from some mysterious illness post Glandular Fever, made heroic efforts to be sociable and accompany me on sight seeing trips which of course she found exhausting. My son, who is at present suffering from a broken heart, also joined us and allowed me to be motherly and caring and although it was hard for him was comforted by being surrounded by a loving family. My brother and his daughter also came down and also my musical young nephew.

The week was clouded by fear for my sister's very poorly dog cocoa. Who at twelve and recently diagnosed with a tumour suddenly refused food or drink. Everyone prepared themselves for the worse when we took her to the vet but after a stay overnight and an anti-biotic rallied to her usual lovable self. Apparently she had an infection and all is well for the present.

While I was there my sister lent me a book which I have recently, reluctantly finished reading. It was a rare treat. An uplifting little book which was a cross between Cold Comfort Farm ( A favourite novel of mine) and a true historical account of life during occupation in WW2.

The Book is called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and was written by Mary Ann Shaffer (deceased) and finished by her niece Annie Barrows. It is a delightful story written in letter form, it is both warming and sad and also very funny. I felt as if I had actually met all the characters. I loved it!

I hope to return to Dorset very soon. I have such a wonderful family. When I am with them I feel as if I am in a book!